Wednesday, November 30, 2011

thank-full (a better late than never blog)

Those who are Awake
live in a state of constant amazement ...

~ Jack Kornfield ~

This post has been in my head for easily two weeks now- what are the things in life I am most grateful for? How do I summarize that into a concise blog post that someone would even want to take the time to read? So, round and round in my head it has gone.  
forgive me. this will be messy and unorganized. 
and my grammar will suck.

Last weekend as I listened to my girls laughing in the other room with one of their friends, I was reminded how so much of what I love is processed through my ears. Music...always music. and laughter. from anyone. 

I am grateful for all the people I share love with. 
My family. 
my beautiful, twirly, funny, creative, ever-changing children.
My friends who have seen me through the good and bad decisions- while lifting me with support. 
My wise friend who said: to him...all we are are our relationships and our conversations. 
Another friend- who has seen me through the same.old.shit. a million times. and is still here. and still smiling.
For another friend who said, "what are you THINKING?!? If anyone can get their massage license reinstated within a month, it's you!". And you know what? She was right. 
I am overwhelmed with gratitude on amost a daily basis by how many people I have in my corner and could easily list 100 people who have done extraordinary things to support me (m0mmacat, this means you).

I am thankful for the beauty that surrounds me. For the sun as it cuts through the trees in my back yard, the breeze that brushes across my arm, my peck peck pecking chickens as they search for food and care for the two new little ones...

I am thankful for the time and space I've been given to explore my creativity and find out what I love to do. 
And for the artists out there who are sharing their work. The singer-song writers, poets and philosophers especially. thank you for filling my soul on the days I was most in need. 

and as I write, I am thinking of how much gratitude I have for you. whoever you are, reading this blog. whoever you are...looking at my work on etsy or at a local market...relating to a poem I post or trying a recipe...thank you. Thank you for having an appreciation for a part of me. and our connection.    

last month on my trip to California, at a winery in Napa