Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hi, my name is...

Helen, and I have an addiction to beautiful fabric.

There are a handful of people who would ever be allowed to see the stacks of fabric I have in my sewing room. It's a little embarassing...

When I first started out sewing, I used to buy only what I needed for each particular project. Somehow (and very quickly) I gravitated to buying a minimum of 4 yards for each print I loved...and there is a LOT of gorgeous fabric out there, people.

Recently I had the experience of shopping with Sarah at Swell Cloth and it was hands down, the best fabric shopping experience I have ever had. Sarah was on it from the beginning- within an hour of my first email she had a custom order put together and posted for me to check out. The next day, my fabric shipped and again I received an email- this time with my tracking information.
All this, in my opinion should be standard for businesses. Sarah, went above and beyond to personalize this experience for me.

Today when my Swell Cloth package arrived, I finally realized I needed to sit down and write about this. Never before has a package of fabric come to me in such a beautiful and loving way. Each print was wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a opening a present! In that moment Sarah gained a customer for life.

The two Melody Miller prints I ordered from Swell Cloth:

What are your favorite places to buy fabric? Are there any small businesses you would recommend?

places you can find Sarah
Swell Cloth on Etsy
Download the latest episode of her podcast, Stash Resolution for free on iTunes
Stash Resolution (blog)


  1. I'm Carrie, and I bet my addiction to fabric rivals yours! I'm checking her out right away.

  2. Haha, Carrie I would LOVE to see your fabric stash!!!

  3. One thing about Sarah's shop that really stands out to me is her 'deal of the week' section.

  4. Erika here, just dropping by to follow you from Handmade Wednesday. What an amazing shopping experience - thanks for sharing - I'm definitely going to check out Sarah's shop!

  5. Hi Erika! Thanks for saying hi <3 I'm interested to hear if anything over at Swell Cloth catches your eye...

  6. love both of those fabrics! a mommy and me apron would look cute in those.

  7. and you know, I *still* haven't done anything with these fabrics...I love them so much I've been putting off cutting them for a WHILE! I love the mommy and me apron idea : )