Monday, January 23, 2012

friends who sew

This past Saturday, what was supposed to be a celebration of my Dad's birthday, ended up being (for us 3 girls anyway) an afternoon of wine, chatting about our lives and brainstorming about our three very different sewing businesses.

You already know meet Jacquelyn and Carrie:

Jacquelyn is one of my oldest and dearest friends- we've known each other since the summer before 6th grade. She is the extraordinarily talented owner and designer of Jacquelyn Brooks Designs. One of Jacquelyn's major focuses is community and she donates a good portion of her time (as well as her designs) to benefits such as the annual Runways and Rescues fashion show.

Carrie married one of my cousins so I am lucky enough to call her family! She is owner and designer of both  Happy Little Monkey AND Monkey See Monkey Do. Carrie is one of the most forward thinking people I know and always has a few projects up her sleeve.

At some point, Carrie was able to snap a few photos of our gorgeous daughters enjoying some cousin time down on the the dock:

Every crafter/sewist/artist should have people like these in their life that GET what they are trying to accomplish and can help brainstorm ideas over an afternoon glass of wine.

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  1. You are so awesome! Beautiful post. I look forward to watching the kids and our businesses grow. I have been dreaming since we started chatting.

    And I'm glad that you called me a "Sewist" and not a "Sewer," even though I had to punctuate our conversation by chasing down my potty training kid! :)