Thursday, March 22, 2012

"You are worth your joy"

So, the DAY AFTER I wrote about self care my Dad found his way to a hospital bed with 2 pretty serious infections. The past 10 days have been spent happily doing everything BUT self care for myself. Still, in the back of my the fleeting quiet moments...I keep returning to my last blog post. And I'm STILL pretty unclear on how our support challenge will go...but I'll get there.

For is a piece written by my friend Jill Malone called Moral. For those of you who have never read any of Jill's stuff, you are in for such a good way.

Your life is worth more than having to talk yourself into work every day. And you may say that’s a privileged attitude. But joy is something you work at. Joy is something you prioritize. What is your joy worth to you? Is it worth making less? Is it worth having to work your way up all over again? Is it worth trying something entirely new? What is your joy worth, sister, ’cause I can’t imagine you sat in a classroom when you were 12 and announced, “When I grow up, I’ll put up with anything in exchange for three weeks of paid vacation.”
Jill Malone, Moral

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  1. I know all too well what you are going through. I spent 4 weeks eating nothing but bagels and coffee sitting at my mom's bedside.

    Hope your dad is recovering quickly. He's lucky to have such a devoted daughter and family.