Saturday, June 30, 2012

oh candida....

Last Monday I saw my local Holistic Chiropractor and discovered I'd been walking around with several internal "situations" of them being Candida. The joy of candida = a complete dietary change. While eliminating things like sweeteners and wheat hasn't been a huge deal...I am missing my coffee on the hour.

What keeps me going is how obviously I needed this. I experienced immediate changes:
days 1 & 2 were pretty much hell- I was exhausted & cranky no matter how much rest I got (naps plus asleep for the night at 9:30)
days 3 & 4 were easier- I had more energy and did a bit of yard and house work but was still kind of foggy
and today, day 5- I weighed myself and already I've lost 5 lbs and am more alert than I've been in quite some time

Still... I have coffee on the brain. At this point I'd gladly settle for decaf...except that isn't allowed either. Anyone have any experience with Chicory Root "coffee"?


  1. I've tried it and I liked it. Mountain Rose Herbs has it and I think it's organic.

    Can you have yerba mate?

  2. Thanks, Susan...I'll look into ordering some today. I'm not sure about yerba mate- what is the caffeine situation like? (caffeine is out)

  3. @m0mmacat: Unfortunately it is not just a matter of caffeine or decaf (although caffeine is not allowed either); it's the acid in the coffee that feeds yeast