Sunday, January 30, 2011

Renaissance- A new birth, or revival.

Saturday a friend and I took Ella to the Renaissance Fair. The two current sickies stayed home watching movies and napping.

Here is my brave girl on the back of a pony for the very first time. She is scared to death but very focused and intense in what she is doing.

The spontaneous bloody nose came a minute later.

The woman who painted her arm somehow talked her in to allowing a bit of decoration on her face as well.

It was so good to reconnect with my eldest and get some one on one time..."just you and me, mommy...just you and me"...


  1. OH ELLA how I love you! she is so so cute! and it's so fun to see the differences in kids. Landon was all WOOHOO I AM A COWBOY!!!111
    I'm sorry he was a knight. see how he's riding one-handed? the very first time he's ever been on a horse!?

    in that last picture I think she looks like you :) same smile and everything! and that heart on her face is the most precious thing!

  2. A knight in rain boots and a Max wolf costume- love it!

  3. I'm boo-hooin' now! I completely understand about reconnecting with the oldest. I miss my oldest SO much even though we are together ALL the time. Its just different having two kids...

    And I love E's arm & face painting! Its like war-paint for conquering the horseride! : )