Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Handmade Blog Hop!

...a great way to promote your handmade store and blog.

How does this Blog Hop work? Easy!

1) Enter your blog and/or store into the appropriate spaces below!
*BLOGS* = 1st set of Linky's
*STORES* = 2nd set of Linky’s
*For the STORES link, please specify what type of store: ETSY:, ARTFIRE:, etc.

2) Grab the Linky Codes to share with all your Blogging, Etsy, Artifre, etc. Friends

3) On occasion I will randomly choose a blog and store from below to feature here

4) Now go check out and support some of the amazing ART that's happening below!

Add Your CRAFTY BLOG Here!

*Don’t forget to include what type of store you have (Etsy, Artfire, Personal, etc.)

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