Saturday, August 13, 2011

this post is brought to you by red wine, good friends and Lucinda Williams (NOT Bruce Springsteen)

Have you ever had a place
that you could go
and as you are driving up,
your heart slows
your breathing deepens, becoming more intentional
and your body just relaxes?

I am lucky enough to have a few spots like this scattered across Florida, North Carolina and Mississippi; they fill a part of me that is frequently emptied by the repetition of every day.

The one I am thinking of tonight is Lake Serene in Mississippi.

The girls and I usually visit Mississippi for a month every summer and this is the first time I had been back to Lake Serene since college in 1998. It was a much needed drive and I was so happy to be able to share it with my daughters and 12 year old niece.

Everyone should have a place like this, if only to catch your breath a couple times a year. 


  1. Look so beautiful! Wish I had a spot like that!!

  2. Maybe you do and just don't realize it! Lake Serene is in the middle of a subdivision so you'd never even know it was there...

  3. The place is nice, hoping I can travel in that place someday. You can also visit this good website if you want to become nursing someday.