Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This blog needs a new name... WIN A CUSTOM FUNKAKNITS HAT!

While I still plan to post updates on my sister and brother in laws afghan, this blog seems to have taken on a life of it's own. Post your blog name change suggestions in the comments and the winner will receive a custom made Funkaknits hat.


  1. KNot in a Funk!

    Peace, Love, and Funkiness


    -Nicole K.

  2. My Creative Life.... Mixing it Up...Making Lemonade...although I also like "My Funky Life"
    When you start getting a bunch of emails from me around 1:00 am, its because that will be when my brain chooses to think about this!

  3. I say... Sara is awesome. What? Well it's what Iwould do. And I'm awesome.

  4. Ditto to Cole's suggestion. Knot in a funk :)

    Or my thought was...

    Knittin' funky, A Momma's Blog
    ~Laura D.

  5. FunkaFamily

    Fruit and Knits

    Gentle Gourmand

    Tuck and Pearl

    Growing Kids and Kale

    Surviving Today

    Vis Vitalis

    Preserve, Protect, Produce