Friday, October 8, 2010

Violet's Friday Food Post

This was kind of a crazy week so I didn't get many food photos. I did get to take some of the girls playing at beautiful Kanapaha Gardens (stay tuned for the next post coming up).

Monday nights, meal:

Wilted Kale with Mustard & Organic Beef Hot Dogs 

In my head I head whoever is reading this laughing in disbelief...allow me to explain. Every Monday we go for our local organic produce coop pick up. This particular Monday, I happened to have ordered a few packs of hot dogs from the coop as well. The whole ride home both girls had been snacking on raw kale in the back seat and while I had planned to make them hot dogs for dinner, they were enjoying the Kale so much that for some reason it all sounded good mixed together. So that was dinner. And it was really really good (we promise!).

Another meat item we had this week is something Ella calls Pig Roll-Ups
No photo, but it's a quick and easy snack!

a few slices of ham (Make sure your deli meat is Casein free!)
Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese (Garlic & Herb)

spread each slice of ham with a light layer of the Tofutti, roll it up and slice into bite sized pieces

Last on our Friday Food Post is a recipe we'll be making quite a bit from now on. While the original recipe comes from Weelicious,  if my friend m├śmmacat hadn't blogged about it recently I never would have seen it!


We used Publix brand Organic Vanilla soy Milk and they came out AWESOME.
Violet took her first sip, looked up at me and said, "GOOD!"


  1. I am amazed that you can make hot dogs look healthy!!!! AMAZING!

  2. That's why I LOVE Applegate Farms! First off, no hidden dairy or casein. Second, they are made from select cuts of organic meats. I don't feel bad about eating them or feeding them to my girls and they are so dang convenient...

  3. I am totally going to make that pumpkin milkshake! Mackenzie hates regular milk, so I have to make a lot of shakes so that she will drink it. This one sounds so good! Thanks for passing it on.

  4. It's really delicious! In fact, thanks for reminding me to put Pumpkin on my grocery list for tomorrow : )